Wearing iSpyEyes lenses is safe and easy to do, just follow a few basic instructions.

Before beginning it's important to note that these lenses are intended for short term and occasional use. We recommend wearing lenses for no more than 8 hours at a time. Always store your lenses in a lens case in solution. The blister packs the lenses come in are not for storage purposes. We recommend changing your solution every time you wear them, and a minimum of once per week, ensuring in between that nothing has evaporated. If your lenses dry out they will be unusable they cannot be re-soaked. Always remove before sleeping. Do not share your lenses with anyone else. Do not let cosmetics, aerosols or hairspray come into contact with the lenses. Remove immediately if irritation occurs.

  • Remove lenses from packaging and soak in solution for 6 hours prior to first use (we recommend our own solution made by Mesmereyez) in a lens case. If you are using the one day Halloween lenses please ignore this step as your lenses are ready to use!
  • Put your lenses in before applying any makeup
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before beginning
  • Place the eyewear on the tip of your index finger ensuring it has a natural bowl like shape
  • Hold your upper eye lid open with your other index finger whilst holding your lower lid open with your middle finger
  • Look in a mirror and slowly and gently place the accessory on your eye
  • Carefully release your eyelids and blink
  • You can gently massage your eyelid to ensure the product is sitting in the centre of your eye
  • Repeat for the other eye


  • Remove your lenses before removing any makeup
  • Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before removing
  • Look upwards and hold down your lower lid with one finger
  • Slowly and gently using any other finger slide the eyewear down to the white of your eye
  • Gently pinch the eyewear from your eye
  • Repeat for other eye
  • Place lenses in a lens case with fresh solution until next use (unless they are one-day Halloween lenses in which case dispose of them these are not to be re worn). If you don't wear them for a week change the solution regardless and keep an eye to check if anything evaporates. If they dry out you'll need a new pair.