What are coloured contact lenses?

These contact lenses are cosmetic lenses that change your eye colour. They are not prescription and they do not have any medical or prescription benefit. They are for cosmetic use only. We do not offer any prescription lenses or other prescription items. Manufactured in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive. These contact lenses for aesthetic and fashion eye colour enhancement only and not as an attempt to correct any sight defect of any sort.

Will they look like the pictures of Marnie?

Obviously everyone starts with a different eye colour and tone, so the colour change from wearing our eyewear can vary from person to person. Typically customers with blue eyes will get a better colour change in terms of intensity, of course depending on how close the lens colour is to your natural eye colour. The lighter your natural eye colour, the more accurate the colour change will be. If you have dark brown eyes the changes in eye colour will be more subtle and an intense lens colour will be more beneficial. Once you insert the lens however please be aware that colour change may not be an exact match to the images shown, whatever your starting eye colour. Also note that depending on the resolution of your computer screen or mobile device the colours will vary. All our natural colours are designed to look natural, so you won't get an intense colour change with these products. Our Halloween lenses are so intense that they should cover any eye colour however!

Do colour contact lenses hurt?

The coloured contact lenses are safe. It is, however, important to follow the instructions closely. We have listed instructions for inserting and removing on our website.

Contact lenses can become uncomfortable to wear if they accumulate dirt or have not been cleaned properly. It is important that you clean your lenses daily, which can simply be done by changing the lens solution in a case daily. If you do feel any irritation, remove the lenses immediately and leave them in fresh lens solution.

All our coloured contact lenses are designed to be very comfortable as they are made from soft materials that are not noticeable once inserted.

Do I have to be a certain age to wear the coloured contact lenses?

Yes. You need to be over 16.

Is it possible to track my order?

If your order was under £20 and you live in the UK then no you can't track your order. If your order was over £20.01 or you are an overseas customer then yes you can within reason. See our Shipping page for more. 

I no longer require my order, how do I receive a refund?

We will happily refund any unwanted order once the items have been returned in original, un-opened condition to us. Please follow the instructions on our Returns page for this. You must make contact about returning an unwanted item within 14 days of receiving your order by emailing us and quoting your order number - return postage is at your own cost.

What if my lenses are faulty?

If your lenses are not received in perfect condition, you can return them to us, please email us in the first instance - follow the instructions on our Returns page.

What are the specifications of your cosmetic lenses?

The base curve of our lenses is 8.6 and the diameter is 14.2.

Do I need to have a contact lens fitting to wear these eye accessories?

As our products are not lenses by definition (they are non-prescription plano lenses which do not alter your vision), you don't need a lens fitting consultation prior to wear. However, as the placement of an eye accessory such as these on your eye is something which should be done very carefully indeed; we always recommend you visit your optician for a lens fitting prior to wear - especially if you are a first time user.

Can I wear my lenses overnight?

No - never sleep in your lenses or prolong the use of lenses longer than is necessary. You can starve your eye of oxygen by doing this and cause damage. Always remember to take your lenses out before going to sleep.

How long can I wear my lenses for?

We recommend wearing your lenses for no more than 8 hours.

Can I use them straight away?

You need to soak your lenses in solution for 6 hour prior to first use if they are 2 month lenses, if they are one-day lenses they are ready to use straight away. We recommend buying the solution listed on our website. Your lenses will not come with solution unless your order this separately. They will also not come with an lens case unless your order our solution.

Are these actually contact lenses?

For the purposes of marketing and to enable our customer's to find what they are looking for our products could be marked as contact lenses, color contact lenses, patterned lenses or cosmetic fashion lenses. We would like to point out that the range we stock are actually manufactured in accordance to cosmetic standards and are deemed in UK law to be a fashion accessory and not a contact lens.

Are these lenses hard lenses or soft lenses?

Our lenses are all what you would regard as a soft lens.  They are all soft  and flexible, as we offer lenses from a number of brands and suppliers the exact composition of the lenses will vary and as such so will the overall softness and flexibility.

Can you wear 2 contact lenses in one eye?

We are sometimes asked this question by people that require a prescription to correct their vision.  We do not stock any prescription coloured contact lenses. You must never wear 2 contact lenses in one eye.  You can of course wear a coloured contact lens in combination with glasses to correct your vision

How long will my lenses last for?

All our Natural and Intense collection iSpyEyes contacts available to buy here are two month contact lenses. They will last up to two months from the date you open the blister pack if they are stored in a lens case in solution. Solution is available to buy here and comes with a lens case but you can also use your own. If you don't store your lenses correctly they will dry out and become unusable. You are responsible for the correct storage of your lenses. You should change your solution every day.

Any special collections we run, including our Halloween collection lenses come in both one day one use only lenses and two month lenses. It will clearly say on each product page what's included in the box and how long the lenses last for. One day one use only contact lenses are exactly that, they are for a one-off use only. Once you open the box you will need to use them within 24 hours and throw them away after wearing. You will still need to soak them in solution for up to 6 hours prior to first use. The price of these one day one use only lenses is noticeably less than our 2 month lenses.

Do I need solution?

Yes if they are 2 month lenses. We sell solution separately on the website which comes with a lens case, the lenses themselves do not come with solution or a lens case. 

Who Are iSpyEyes contact lenses manufactured by?

Our contact lenses are manufactured by MesmerEyez who are the number one brand in eye colour change.

What marks of quality do your fashion lenses come with?

All lenses sold on iSpyEyes.com are manufactured by MesmerEyez and are CE approved for use in the UK & Europe.