Making your lenses last

All iSpyEyes Natural and Intense lenses are two month contact lenses. They will last up to two months from the date you open the blister pack if they are stored in a lens case in solution.

Solution is available to buy here and comes with a lens case but you can also use your own.

The blister pack the lenses come in is not for storage purposes.

Before first use you should soak your lenses in solution for 6 hours. If you don't store your lenses correctly they will dry out, could become unusable and could cause eye irritation. You should change your lens solution every time you wear them and at least weekly if you don't use them. You are responsible for the correct storage of your lenses.

Our Halloween collections come in both one day and two month versions. The two month versions last for two months as above. The one day lenses last for one day/use and are noticeably cheaper than our two month lenses. These do not need to be soaked prior to first use unlike our 2 month lenses, and can be disposed of after wearing.