Do iSpyEyes not sell lenses anymore?

iSpyEyes now wholesales lenses to opticians and online retailers and does not sell to the general public. Visit our Homepage for a list of all our stockists.

Will the lenses be different if I buy from another stockist?

No! Your lenses will be exactly the same, your favourite colours and Halloween lenses are still available and because we supply them they will arrive in the same packaging you're used to.

What are the returns policies of your new stockists?

You will have to refer to the stockist you purchase from for their own returns policy.

Where do your new stockists ship to?

You will have to refer to each stockist individually for details of where they ship to, we don't have any control over shipping locations.

I was on your mailing list, will I still get emails?

Our customers will receive an email asking if they want our new stockists to email them or not, you can of course opt out. 

I bought something recently from your website, can I still return it?

If it's within 28 days yes of course you can, please email us for returns information.

Will your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages still be live?

Yes they will still be live and we will still be posting pictures of customers in our lenses and lashes, nothing will change, except you now have a wider choice of places to buy our brand from.